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This course deals with theories in science, research methodology, and the development of Earth Science. You will learn scientific writing, to conduct a critical review, and to create scientific illustrations and posters. In addition, you will conduct a subject specialisation, which focuses on the direction of your planned Bachelor's thesis. This work should include a thorough literature review and the writing of the introduction of your thesis.

If you have any questions, please contact margareta.hansson@natgeo.su.se

This course embraces the subject of glacial landforms and how these are used to aid reconstructions of glaciers and ice sheets. Initially, the course emphasis is on the understanding of characteristics and formation processes of glacial landforms and geographical analysis of landform distribution and patterns. We then apply this knowledge of glacial landscapes and focus on performing landform-based glacial reconstructions based from aerial photographs, satellite images, DEM’s, and field investigations. Importance is given to learn how to: (i) conduct a (digital) field investigation and (ii) report the finalized project.

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